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Transforming Modern Vehicles with the Wheel Hub Motor

Today, car manufacturers are looking for ways to make cars more energy efficient and are looking to the wheel hub motor to help them accomplish this task. Motorized bicycles sometimes take advantage of small wheel hub motors to help move the vehicle without the need for extra fuel consumption.

When the wheel hub motor is combined with an electromagnetic field, the motor becomes much more efficient. The new system generates a magnetic field in the outer part of the wheel and the inner part will try to follow the field. Energy can be moved from the motor to the rotating shaft and it does not require any physical contact. Since no brushes are being used as in a conventional motor, the new wheel hub motor system lasts longer that other systems and is more efficient. The best part of this system is that no transmission is needed.

Imagine a vehicle that has no transmission, requires no conventional brake system and no axles. This would open up a great deal of space to install a larger battery pack system. Keeping a vehicle from having to be charged as often will mean a great deal to the electric car manufacturers that are working hard to provide a vehicle that will meet the demands of the public. If the vehicle is a hybrid, the extra battery power could allow the owner to stop less often to purchase fuel, as the vehicle will rely more heavily on the electric power. Less use of fuel will make the vehicle more popular with the public who wants to keep what amenities they have in vehicles today and yet still get to operate an eco-friendly vehicle.

The more that can be eliminated from the production of a vehicle, the cheaper the production costs will be. This allows for the creation of vehicles that are inexpensive and more affordable. With less weight in the vehicle, fuel efficiency becomes greater. There are almost no downsides to using the new wheel hub motor system. The advantages associated with the wheel hub motor are great. Another area that can benefit from wheel hub motors is the cruise control system.

New possibilities become available such as setting how much distance you keep between your car and the car in front of you, automatic collision avoidance, and help with emergency braking. The safety benefits alone should be enough to implement more wheel hub motors. However, the savings that the wheel hub motor can bring to today's vehicles should not be ignored either. The vehicles we currently use can become safer and provide more safety for users by working with the wheel hub motor. The transformation of modern vehicles can go forward with the use of wheel hub motors.


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