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Has the Time come for Electric Cars?

For the last ten years, manufacturers have been hoping that public opinion would change and people might at last be ready for the electric car. Public opinion has not been as favorable as eco-friendly people might wish but there is a definite change in the air after a prolonged experience with higher gas prices.

Everyone said that if the price of fuel kept rising, people would consider the electric car. Well the price went to the highest price in years and still the electric car did not see a substantial increase in sales. People still feel that the electric car does not meet the needs they want. The price of an electric vehicle continues to come down in price. The quality of the electric car has also substantially increased. The cost of operating an electric car is only pennies a mile instead of quarters. To charge up your electric car only comes out to about fifty cents a day. Do you think you could use your gasoline vehicle on fifty cents a day? Perhaps in some fantasyland you could.

With the addition of hub motors, the electric car is becoming very low maintenance vehicle. An electric motor has only one moving part. Gasoline cars have literally a million moving parts. You do not have to worry about changing the oil in an electric car. No water system has to be used to keep the electric car cool. How simple can it get? An almost non-existent maintenance program is another benefit to the electric car. Electric cars measure their lifetime in millions of miles while the gasoline car is usually reliable for about one hundred thousand miles. Millions of miles or thousands, not much of a decision is it.

Because of the lack of gasoline in the electric car, they are much safer since they cannot explode. Electric cars are silent and do not provide the amount of noise that regular cars do. Imagine driving along on a freeway and feeling that you are in a local park because you can hear the birds. Lowering emissions is an important way to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses that other vehicles create. An electric car produces zero emissions unlike the gas-guzzler or the hybrid, although the hybrid produces a whole lot less emissions than a gasoline car.

Why are people still using the gas vehicles and not buying electric cars? The US government has implemented many different programs to encourage people to buy the electric car with limited success. What is holding people back appears to be outdated ideas about what the electric car can do and what it cannot do. People have to learn that old beliefs about the electric car are false and open their minds to all the ways that an electric car can help them. The time for the electric car is NOW!


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