Hydrogen Cars

What is the possible outcome to the experiment with hydrogen cars? Is it possible that the hydrogen car will one day replace the cars currently being used on the road today? A hydrogen car is one that relies on hydrogen fuel to operate. When a car uses hydrogen, it has a power plant that allows the vehicle to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy or torque into combustion or into a fuel cell.

Hydrogen internal combustion engines are the same as the current internal combustion vehicles. One of the problems with hydrogen fuel is that it does not occur naturally in the world and has to be created by man. Most hydrogen fuel is created from methane or other fossil fuels. A great deal of companies are actively working to create new forms of hydrogen fuels that are less expensive and that may make the hydrogen car a more viable alternative to current vehicles on the road.

Hydrogen fuel is a popular choice for airplanes, rockets, and the space shuttle. The hydrogen fuel can produce great speeds for a hydrogen car and the record is held by a Ford prototype that reached speeds of over two hundred miles an hour. Unfortunately, Ford has cancelled any further research into the hydrogen car and is concentrating on electric cars. Several car manufacturers are working towards creating some form a hydrogen car. Each company is looking at creating at least one type of vehicle that can benefit from hydrogen fuel.

Some proponents to the hydrogen car believe that it will be more than a decade before any hydrogen car will be available for general use. Storing hydrogen fuel is dangerous and many experts feel that hydrogen fuel is more dangerous in a car accident. Many believe there are more options available such as the electric car, the hybrid, and others that will prove to be more beneficial than the hydrogen car. If the scientists working on creating hydrogen fuels come up with a way to fashion it more efficiently at a lower cost, then perhaps the hydrogen car might have more of a chance of becoming a mainstream purchase that everyone will want to use.

One of the components of the hydrogen car is the fuel cell. Fuel cells are expensive to produce but are highly energy efficient. Fuel cells are fragile and are easily damaged. Some of the best fuel cells require platinum in order to be efficient. This causes the fuel cell to be very expensive to produce. If demand for fuel cells were to increase, the price for producing them would probably come down. Perhaps a substitute to the use of platinum will be found one day as well. With reduced production costs for hydrogen fuel cells, the hydrogen car would have a better chance of becoming a reality.


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