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Hub Motors Enhance the Bicycle The hub motor is being used in the electric bike to make a more efficient and powerful form of transportation that anyone can use. One type of electric bike allows users to be free from maintenance because there are no belts, chains, sprockets, pulleys or gears in the system. The wheel is connected to the hub motor allowing riders to be able to transport themselves without dealing with a loss from the transmission. The bicycle enhanced with hub motors is very quiet and as efficient as possible.

To help reduce greenhouse gasses, many people are looking for other ways to get around. The bicycle is a great substitute for cars but sometimes it does not seem to good enough for long distance traveling. By adding a hub motor to the vehicle, one can gain a great deal more power and make it possible to use it for long distances. Hub motors have no moving parts and the motor spins around the bearing in the center. The wheel mounts of the front forks of the bicycle. If you wish to run on your own power, the hub motor can be shut down.

Hub motors are being used on wheelchairs as well to help the disabled to get around more freely. Because of the lack of moving parts, the wheelchairs with hub motors are great to help disabled persons keep costs down. The elderly can also benefit from the advantages of the hub motor in wheelchairs. Most retired people are on fixed incomes and the maintenance free aspect of the hub motor wheelchair is perfect. It is very easy to convert a current wheelchair into one that benefits the owner. The cost of conversion is small and easy to do.

Conversion kits also exist for bicycles. Many companies offer a simple conversion kit that almost anyone can add to their existing bicycle to make it into one of the more efficient bikes that does not affect our environment negatively. You can buy a kit and help to make your bike into one that can also generate extra power to help with braking. The new regenerative braking controller can go a long way to providing people with a form of transportation that is powerful and still friendly to the environment.

With all the current conversion kits that are available for the bicycle, it is difficult to understand why more people do not take advantage of this benefit unless it is because that people are just not aware of the hub motor and how it can change their lives. As more people become aware of this form of technology, the addition of hub motors to the bicycle will hopefully gain in popularity and people will recognize how you can also make a wheelchair or motorbike into a better vehicle that everyone can benefit from.

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