The Benefits of Wheel Motors

Today as everyone looks for ways to save money on the cost of gasoline, people should consider the benefits of wheel motors. The wheel motor was invented over a hundred years ago and first used to help wheels turn without gears. The wheel motor has many benefits because there is no loss of energy from the transmission. Unlike the normal method being used in which a rod is extended from the engine to the wheel, wheel motors allows for less stress on the transmission and requires less power.

Wheel motor technology evolved into the piston hub motor that was used in the first horseless carriages. NASA took the technology and was able to expand it to be used in the Apollo moon Lander rover wheels built in the 1960s. New interest has been sparked in wheel motors by car manufactures that are experimenting with electric powered vehicles. Finding ways to use less electricity are important for the manufacturers of hybrid electric and full electric cars.

Porsche was one of the first manufacturers to try to use the electric wheel motor. They wanted to find ways to get around the first problems from car batteries that did not have enough power to run everything needed. Gasoline engines changed this problem and allowed manufacturers to look to the power of gasoline engines to power the vehicle and ignore the limitations of the battery. As gasoline engines became more efficient, the need for the wheel motor to offset losses from transmissions became unnecessary. Today the gas engine working with a transmission moves better than the electric wheel motors with a transmission, but they will never be as efficient.

wheel A new form of vehicle that uses the wheel motors is the diesel bus. Two wheel motors are placed on each wheel and they will generate extra power so that a diesel bus can go twice as far as a normal vehicle that does not have the same modifications. This allows the company to use half as much fuel and makes the vehicles more efficient and eco-friendly. The new hybrid buses run longer and help struggling cities that are trying to improve mass transportation and lower the amount of smog and other greenhouse gasses being generated. Experimentation with vehicles that capture power from the brakes is allowing even more power efficient vehicles to operate.

Thankfully, many organizations are looking to creating a better future and are working with any type of idea that could help the environment and the bottom line. Hopefully, many people will see the benefits of wheel motors in the near future. Wheel motors have shown how they can be a benefit to the vehicles they have been added to. We just need to recognize this fact and embrace it and move forward on a more efficient system using wheel motors.


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